And to the extent that humanity won, conquered, owned, possessed!... it was simultaneously creating the care of their positions, possessions, with borders, with barriers, with walls... Defending themselves, while seeking to expand new plots.

Thus, it became increasingly necessary to establish security measures.

There was not enough consciousness, and it was necessary to assure what was obtained, what was owned!, what was won, what was accomplished, achieved.

A security, with a good defence. A security, with abundant leftovers... unsupportive. Guaranteed security, with the most advanced resources. So much so that it had to produce to ensure; make sure the production that could insure us.

 The adventure, the unpredictable traveller, the free camping of the being wherever he wanted to… even the escape!, had to be guaranteed. And insured.

In Humanity everything becomes, suspicion!, distrust, a wrapping in the ‘self-beliefs’… that are not referenced; they do only in themselves.

And we are... we are in so safe times!, that it is feared... the arrival of great insecurity. Predictably: the more you try to ensure, the more worry about lack or unpredictability will be created. And the assurances of one!..., provoke the assurances of another.

And so we could venture –under the Praying Sense-, predict that, as a species, we approach a critical point.

THE SECURITIES OF SOME BEGIN TO BRACE THE SECURITIES OF OTHERS, and I no longer have mechanisms only to defend myself, but I already have to plan an attack.

Critical point in which, lost the securities, is like… being naked without wanting to be. It like letting them undress you, strip you, to let each other depredate until... despair...

And with the sensation of the proximity of that critical point, it is as if the theory of that Big Bang was repeated again, framed in a sort of: to get to the point when its securities become tight, and they explode!

If we maintain that position that we have just said, we could well venture which, what security system we have on this planet, which is in the heart of a galaxy, and which is precipitated attracted by a dark mystery.

 It is curious contemplating the little knowledge we have of the Universe. And with it, to realize that the formations, the different structures are conjugated, related, exchanged, mutated, transmuted... They do not need security.

And before a great… model, it is worth wondering: Why, why, why, with a tiny model like that of a species, you desire, want, search and worry every being, every corpuscle, for the need to secure what you have?

Could it be that having, possessing… is so adherent, dependent!, that it is filled with fear –as if it did not correspond to it- and therefore it must be protected?

From care –that ‘care-given’ which is a sign of softness, respect, commitment-, from that care we have gone to a defence contingent… that really stops caring.

Security, the security criterion has become so specialized, that it does not know how to care.

The distrust is so expansive –so expansive!- that... any proximity, closeness or common project is cause for concern.

Alas!... If so the greatness of Creation acted, we would have never existed.

Alas!... Why does the species... not reference in the Created, and prefers to gobble up in what is thought?

It would be almost like saying... that it is incapable of loving something, else, other than itself.

It's like denying satellites, asteroids, comets, stars...

It is like denying its waves to the sea;, its fluidity to the wind; its transparency... to water.

The Dark Mystery displaces us...

We are taken on an absolutely unknown journey. And we can do nothing to avoid it. The proportion of this pilgrimage is such that we can only –without Power- CONTEMPLATE it.


The unpredictable and the unexpected exception, it is said "confirms the rule."

And if you look, the exceptions are... running continuously. And man, in his safety, seeks the rule. And when he thinks he has it, another exception appears. And, in reality, whatever rule you make is an accumulation of unpredictable, unexpected exceptions...

But if he closes up to this events, then it is as if he denied himself water! It is similar to refusing to eat, sleep, play...

"A mugging to life."

The Praying Sense incites us vehemently!... to jump out of that gobbled up concentration, and change our direction, to become an expansive spiral.

From gobbled up concentration, change direction to make expansive spiral. That is to follow the reference of... where we are.

To feel pilgrim oneself towards the Creator Mystery, in the Creator Mystery... is to discover oneself cared for, from the smallest intimacy of our atoms –which regulate their movements, their dynamics- to the great imaginations, which can lead us to feel in the bosom of the nothingness.

It seems a vertigo!, but simultaneously coexist, accurate, neat, exact. No, no, there is no room for distrust.

The hydrogen atom feels safe with its electron. It does not demand assurances to guarantee its identity. It is ready for whatever is required. One day is fuel, and another is water of life.

From the interior folding, to the unfolding towards new spaces… it implies feeling the fulfilment of identifying with the great pilgrimage that, under the Praying Sense, leads us to the culminating and Eternal Contemplation.

The Mystery moves like a great theatre!... that, with instantaneous samples, warns us of the Great Performance!: the one in which we will all contemplate the Great Creation.

We can express and express ourselves in that event... exclaiming:



Security is an egotistical fallacy of an absurd folding, which does not know how to contemplate its journey of life; that forgets the real care.

Only Love cares. Only the loved one who does not aspire to possess… takes care; who does not seek to destroy; which is guided by attraction, by mutual necessity, by admiration.

And with the awareness of an expansive spiral, we chase away, from our identity, falling into that critical point of exploding!, of despair!, of disintegrating...

That the Complaisant Creator Assistance –which is permanent and constant- becomes permeable...; we incorporate it consciously into our consciousness.

Let the pilgrimage be a complaisance... needed!, like life is in need, to aspire its immortal essences.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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