Nowadays the communicating sense is scarce


The so-called "false news" -or fake news- is a prelude to an escalation of fears, warnings, terrors…, as if the population was being prepared, to withdraw, to retract, to separate, to maintain a level of distrust which is each time greater. And in this way, along with the bad news, with the false news, there will be added the false reports of the leaders, the rulers, the bankers, etc.; which is nothing new, but that, when added, they submit the population to a situation, circumstances… which are bleak.

The Prayerful Sense warns us of this situation that is incrementing and that is putting in doubt the words of everybody.

To all these, given the situation, the communications amongst everybody become baroque, complex, difficult… because of the fear of sincerity. The sincere occupies a destructive role, in a web of lies, concealments, sectarianisms, radicalisms…

The superficial information from news agencies, correspondents, newspapers, magazines… is becoming all the time smaller, and more and more superficial; in such a form and manner that the information that we may need -look closely- is expressed and can be traced back to sites, locations, etc., in which we cannot check it. We cannot check whether this is happening or not. Not in any way.

This distant information is not relegated to these spaces, but rather is transmitted -as we said at the beginning- to each and every one and thing that is nearby.

And so, it is not surprising that the nearest information, the closest knowledge… are hidden, they are biased, are more or less clear; and give rise to, as expected, to all sorts of speculation.

In the face of so much speculation, the hoaxes, the scathing remarks, the hypotheses, the theories… become frequent, and establish an entire content of new false news.

What will be the version that each one has, of the same fact? Or what non-version? That is to say, reject any version of any fact; therefore, no information is interesting, just what one does.

All of this gives a consciousness of desolation.

 The Meaning of Prayer reminds us of the need for the sincere expression, of the required intimacy, the care with the words, the silent listening!, the dissolution of prejudice and the presumption of innocence!... before jumping to condemn, attack, criticize, acidify, create discomfort…

Soon, the Praying Call urges us to position ourselves before the silences that should be words, before the words that should be silences, before our own communication… and the warning of the communication of the others, with us.

Nowadays the communicating solidarity sense, shared, agreed!, consolidated, is scarce. And it is easy to introduce variables of distortion, variables of mistakes that lead to neglect or to confrontations.

From the Sense of Prayer, is claimed, to be attentive to the sudden and unexpected moments of exaggerated response… or to the inquisitorial opinions toward the external or internal… But, with all that care, attention must be paid to what we think, what is felt, what it is believed, but with resources!, with evidence!

Because there is obviously the temptation, faced with the fear of contamination, to move away, flee, seclude oneself -as we said-, separated, and to create a mutual distrust… tense!

And exactly what is needed is that sincere word, that silence which is the accomplice to understand, of understanding, of confabulating!… in the kind, in the cheerful, in the fun.

The Prayerful Sense tells us also that, faced with the situation of mood, of soul, of relational animism; faced with that confusion and chaos that little by little takes charge of the coexistence, it is very important to know that this is installed and generated by a deterioration of the domain, the control, of violence and… the power in general, in and within the life. And that word must be our reference, "life" as a word that advises us, that opens our eyes and that gives us the perspective to know that… at least, there is still much to live. "At least".

And this, which seems like it could be on the margin of the news, of the communication, etc., is not. No, because if we argue concerning the Life Force in terms of its expression, its manifestation, its defence, its adaptation, its polymorphism, its capacity to respond to agents that impair the life, if we incorporate that idea, no doubt we're going to have a Leitmotiv, a motivation to believe in the resources of the clarity, in the resources of the sincerity, in the resources of the evidence, in the resources of the solidarity, in the resources of the approach, in the resources of the understanding, in the resources of the affections…; not in the resources of the defects. 

And in this way, each time that appears the distortion, the doubt, the suspicion, of immediate claims, to life, to manifest, to clarify, to say… before being drowned out by the eternal suspicion; before we are all permanently condemned!… instead of -"instead of”- respect for everyone!

As we are life… first of all, we must give testimony as such… and offer our best guarantees, our most comforting resources and remedies, our resolution options, our values of art!...; the recognized criteria of reconciling, regulating, and agreeing!; of knowing that we are in need of everything that surrounds us, and to know that we are also a need for others!... 

And, therefore, we need to be in fullness… in fullness of life, in disposition… and to assume generously, humbly and meekly, before Heaven, our presence, our arrival, our duty… knowing to adapt it to each situation and need.




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